"Dekel Bor's evocative live guitar playing...a fresh taste in music "
- John Rockwell, New York Times

"Dekel Bor has the ability to imbed in each of his songs a specific theme or cause. He paints an intimate portrait of himself amid the larger backdrop of our crisis-ridden world. Through his music he becomes an agent of social change. He gives us his unique recipe for relief"
- Mitchell Borden , Smalls Jazz Club owner

"One of our top-3-artists to watch for on the scene today"
- Time-Out New-York

"Dekel Bor stands out, his vision highly original and focused"
- Downbeat Magazine

"Bor and his band created quit a buzz in the NYC jazz scene and after seeing the concert the hype is an understatement..."
(John Rockwell, New-York Times)

"Dekel's show ...scale 1-10 was a 20...very creative and focused . You can't appreciate the magnitude of band until you see them in concert. They venture where few musicians are willing or able to go"
- Brian Walkley, Cape Cod Jazz Festival

"Dekel Bor and his band are the future of jazz"
- Joseph Harsonsky, Maariv

"Dekel Bor and his trio make some of the finest jazz that I have ever heard"
- Neil Feldman, publisher- NOB Magazine

"The Dekel Bor Trio gave the most memorable debut of the last few years in our festival's history. We look forward to having you next year!"
- Alex Madsen, MAJ Festival

"The Dekel Bor Trio is a highly energetic and innovative group of hardworking musicians. Dekel's compositions and guitar playing are fluid, creative and captivating. Audiences are taken on an exploration of jazz and melodies that delight the senses. Don't miss these guys-highly creative and innovative jazz"
- Stefan Davenport, Owner and booking manager, Susan's Jazz Club, Peekskill, NY

"They have it! ... Bor has found his unique style...uncompromising.."
- Yediot U.S.A music and art section Michal Daniel

"The Trio is one of the tightest and most interesting Jazz bands I have seen. The performances are powerful and raw, the music is original & compelling. Dekel is, with-out a doubt, the most aggressive and talented Jazz guitarist I have ever witnessed."
- Donald O'finn / Booking Agent & Manager Freedys Backroom

"The quality of the music was outstanding. They're creating a truly remarkable resource for the community"
- Trenton,NJ City Council

"Your creative project is really excellent. I find it of very high quality. The three of you play together beautifully and the compositions really sing."
- Eugene Uman,Vermont Jazz Center

"The Trio has begun to play at a level that very few young musicians achieve"
- Jane Ira Bloom

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